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Technology fan, geek, programmer, web developer and designer. I love to build things. Using code, graphics, integrated circuits or simple electronics.


Establish entity that is going to create & build things, products, solutions that are going to push civilizations, humans and everything else forward.


Many years of experience in IT sector. Started in 2006 and still going. From servicing, fixing, hacking and modding computers, laptops and smartphones to building websites and software solutions for clients across the world.

"Tech Guy", 2002 to 2006

From the day I used my own computer I started tinkering and learning, mastering everything related to it. Today I try to specialize in fewer fields but my passion for computers and technology is still pushing me to learn more and more about them.

Junior Developer, 2006 to 2008

Since 2006 I actually started developing software and solutions for clients, mostly websites. Local businesses and organisations.

Web Developer, 2008 to Present

I started working with actual software companies. In beginning simpler projects that they wanted to outsource so their Developers could work on bigger projects. Later on working as part of the team on some of those bigger projects.

Deploying, Developing and Designing Websites for numerous clients from many different arias of work.

Also done several projects from start to finish for individual clients. Providing full stack development with designing and later marketing on top of it so clients can get properly developed product.


General Skills

Technology summary

Programming : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, JQuery, SASS, LESS, JSON, Java, SQL, C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Python.

Systems : Linux (server & client), UNIX(server), Windows (client), MacOS (client), Android, iOS.

Software tools : Git, Apache, nginx, Node.js, PostgreSQL, mySQL, MariaDB, Jenkins, ExpressJS, EJS, npm, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE (Java, PHP, C/C++), Android Studio, PHPStorm, Microsoft Office Suite, LibreOffice suite, Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Audition, DreamWeaver).

Frameworks : Laravel, ReactJS, Bootstrap, Foundation.

Content Management Systems : WordPress, Drupal


ETS “Nikola Tesla” , Belgrade – Telecommunication Technician

Student at University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering.

Student at The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Applied Studies.